Postnatal Pilates

Group classes every Wednesday 2-3pm, Walthamstow Quaker Meeting House


It’s important to choose the right kind of exercise after giving birth so you can recover safely and get back in to functioning well without pain.

Pilates is the ideal way to help the body recover physically after pregnancy and childbirth. It focuses on realigning posture and developing a deep connection to the core and pelvic floor.

In these classes we look at restoring the core from the inside out, releasing tension from the back and shoulders, and improving strength to deal with the demands of motherhood and everyday life.

“Pregnancy left me feeling very out of shape with some joint problems. I found Lily’s class to be gentle enough to cope with, but I always felt stronger and more supple by the end. I also enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.”

Anna, Class Attendee

Group classes take place at the Walthamstow Quaker Meeting House, Wednesday 2-3pm. Babies are welcome and it’s a great way to meet other mums. Drop in and block booking available.
Looking for a more bespoke Postnatal exercise programme? See Postnatal Rehab for more details.

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